2.1rc2 gives only single citation on relpace missing item

I deleted and item from my library that shows up in a multiple citation because it was poorly cited and I replaced it with a more accurate citation.

First of all, when I used the refresh button in the zotero tool bar it never realized that I had moved the earlier citation to the trash, and kept it in my bibliography. It took me a while to figure this out and empty the trash. At this point, firefox and OO needed to be restarted because of errors on refresh.

After restarting, zotero correctly identified that the earlier citation was missing and asked if I wanted to replace it. When I pressed yes and selected the new one from the list, it replaced the entire multiple, in-text citation with *only* the new citation - seemingly blowing away all of the other refs in the multiple citation. However, when I press the edit citation button, it brings up the multiple citation window and shows that all of them are being referenced. This seems to be true as some citations in the multiple citation show up only there and do show up in the bibliography.

Is there a place to report this as a potential bug?

I'm using
Zotero 2.1rc2
Zotero open office integration 3.1b1
Open office 3.3.0
Ubuntu 10.10 64bit
  • This is the right place to report this.
    It would be helpful if you can see if it's possible to replicate this in a fresh document - i.e. create a multiple citation, delete one of the items in Zotero, empty trash, refresh, select a new item when prompted, see if the same thing happens.
  • I couldn't recreate this in a new document. I guess that means no bug report.

    Is there a way to wipe all zotero related data out of an odt file? I went and deleted the visible citations, but it would be nice to be able to isolate any left over links.

  • Remove field codes (button to the far right of the zotero toolbar)
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