One client in sync, files on server OK, but other clients "attached file could not be found"

This is a new one for me! I'm using the latest zotero SA on my 3 PCs, and all was going well. The machine that I usually add papers from (my work PC) is still behaving fine - the library and all my files appear OK.

But I noticed that my other clients, and also zotero 2.1 on the same machine (but sync'd via the server, not sharing a dbase) cannot find recently added PDFs.

As a concrete example, my most recently added paper appears in SA in the directory:

...zotero/storage/8BPWDDTT/Richardson et al. - 2005 - The global effects of impact-induced seismic activ.pdf

If I check on my WebDAV server, I indeed see files and 8BPWDDTT.prop and if I open the zip, the correct PDF is inside.

Now in any of my other clients, the library sync goes well, this paper appears to be linked, but if I try to open or show the PDF, it cannot be found. And indeed there is no 8BPWDDTT folder in the storage directory.

It appears that any files added since 04/02/11 have this problem. Any advice?

Thanks!! Mark
    you seem to have gotten through 4) there, follow the rest of the instructions.
  • Thanks for the hint - I did that and it indeed pulled down the missing files.

    I also got an error "Unexpected status code 401 in Zotero.Sync.Storage.WebDAV_getStorageModificationTime()" and the client wanted to upload a bunch of files, but I guess it'll eventually sort itself out now!
  • That's an authorization error from your WebDAV server.
  • OK - all clients have sync'd now and everything seems to be running as usual. Thanks for the helps, guys!
  • A quick update here - the above fix "Reset File Sync History" worked well, but the problems has since cropped up several times. On each occasion the reset fixed the problem, but of course takes a while and I assume that something more fundamental is going on... Any suggestions?
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