can't add web pages in SA

Hello, I couldn't find this topic in previous threads, so I post it here.

I just tried to use SA at home because I have a Mac a for various reason I do not use Firefox, while I use it at work in XP envirnment.

Beside more traditional bibliographic references, I also use Zotero to store references to newspapers articles, blogs and research institutes or online journals articles; while with the FF extension I can add these pages easily just dragging the url onto zotero window, I don't manage to do that with the SA version, and of course the connectors for both chrome or safari don't recognize this pages as suitable for zotero.
below just a few example of web pages (but it is true for any web page I suppose)

Is there a way to add these pages?

  • This is one of the features of Zotero-in-Firefox that isn't yet possible in Standalone, but I understand this will be possible by the final release of Standalone. Right now, things like this are the weakest point of Standalone.
  • I see. Thanks for the info
  • I would very much like to have this too, although I appreciate the alpha stage of the product.

    I will just have to use FF4

    Thanks for the app - appreciate the effort and look forward to using it in the future when it's more feature-complete
  • Has this been resolved? This thread was over a year ago.

    Thank you!
  • right-click in the Website--> Add Snapshot to Zotero
    (requires Connector installed and Standalone running).
  • Wow. I totally forgot about that. Thanks!
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