MODS import needs improvement

The current MODS translator logic is implemented incorrectly such that a lot of information gets lost when dealing, in particular, with analyticals (those items like articles and chapters that have relatedItem hosts).

From what I could tell on a quick look (and from observed behavior), right now the translator only looks at the child mods:mods/mods:genre value. If it finds none, or cannot map that value, it defaults to 'book'.

The logic should be (using some xpath notation, where the context is the m:mods element):

if m:relatedItem[@type='host'] then
if [insert genre value mapping]
else if m:relatedItem/m:originInfo/m:publisher then
type = 'bookSection' # or whatever it is internally
type = 'article' # a generic article
[insert genre value mapping; default to 'document']
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