Disk backup spoiled by .zoteroIntegrationPipe_michael

If I leave Firefox running while attempting to clone (backup) my hard drive using the Mac utility SuperDuper!, the cloning process always fails at the point where it tries to copy a file called .zoteroIntegrationPipe_myusername in /Users/Shared

The following message appears in the SuperDuper! log:
Error creating fifo(4096) /Volumes/Daily_OSX_metal/Users/Shared/.zoteroIntegrationPipe_myusername\n: Invalid argument

Also, if I manually enable invisible items in Mac Finder and try and open or even delete the file, I get the system message that the path does not exist.

If FireFox is closed, the cloning process completes OK.

Is this file a necessary part of Zotero? Could the same function be accomplished another way?

Note: in path above myusername = my short Mac system name
  • That looks like a bug in your backup utility. The file is the pipe for communication between Zotero and Word. Is it possible to exclude it from your backup?
  • Yes, it is, and that worked! Thank you.

    Setting up my Mac's sync in SuperDuper!, with Firefox already running and so that file in place, it was fairly simple to edit the script to exclude/ignore that item.
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