Zotero script freezes -- TiddlyWiki incompatibility?

I have a local TiddlyWiki notebook. For some reason Zotero gets triggered on this page, and it freezes Firefox, until the unresponsive script dialogue comes up:
A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/translation/browser_firefox.js:374
This is rather annoying. Is there any way to prevent Zotero from interacting with this page, or just disabling Zotero temporarily (without browser restart) while editing this tiddlywiki notebook?

I have Fx 3.6.15, Zotero 2.1rc1 and TiddlyWiki 2.6.2.
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