Zotero in TAB-Mode - arrangment of fields

since zotero has the tabview now i thought it would maybe be nice to be able to arrange the content-field (middle) and the details-field for an entry (right) horizontal instead of vertical. One would much more space in such a view and could read full titles for example without clicking the field.

hope you can understand my thoughts ;)
  • no coments and thoughts on that?
  • This is not likely to happen at this point, although it's an interesting idea. The developers are currently finalizing a new version of the software (2.1), and will be attending only to bugs in existing functionality for the next several weeks. You might want to bump this suggestion in a month or so, when we will have passed through this necessarily conservative phase.
  • I understand that it will not happen in 2.1...but it was just a thought of mine since we now have the-tab-mode....so i thought i share this idea.
  • Time to bring the idea back up :)

    Is there a chance to see this feature in zotero?
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