I like the idea of the standalone. Is there a way to install the plugins one can also use in Firefox, e.g. zotfile? It looks like the standalone might be derived from FF, if that were so, it should be possible somehow.
  • See

    I haven't tried, but it should work fine.
  • I couldn't get this to work but I'm a hack. I futzed around with the preferences in Zotero_win32/xulrunner/defaults/pref/xulrunner.js and I tried dropping the zotfile-1.5.5-fx.xpi file into Zotero_win32 and also different subdirectories (as I didn't know the search path xulrunner uses)... but for me it was pin the tail on the donkey. I couldnt find any files called "xpinstall" so I'm doubting that zotero standalone has all the "bits" required... {*shrug*}
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