A "back" previous button

Hello, dear dear zotero developers

I was getting lost in my folders and to do list, without a sort of "back / previous button ", so that one can navigate across folders and the still get back to what one was looking at before.

I realize i can open a new Window and start a new zotero session, but its quicker this way.

and really thanks
  • +1 for a back-button, to navigate to previous citations.
  • The Item History for Zotero plugin should work for this (it's meant to, anyway).
  • edited February 18, 2012
    The Item History plugin looks useful, so I installed it. But I can't figure out how to use it! Maybe another cup of coffee would help. Is there a button? A navigation list somewhere? A hidden preference?

    I'm running zotero 3.0b3, and my Firefox (10.0.3) tells me the add-in is there, but there's no there there.

  • It should add three buttons between the lookup and sync buttons.
  • There are no buttons there, I'm sorry to say. I tried uninstall/reinstall of both the extension and zotero, but that didn't help. I'm running a beta version, so I'm not sure if this might be an issue.
    Any way, I should be working on my thesis rather than fiddling with software! :)
  • a beta version of what? Of Zotero? There is no current beta version.
    Either you're running the most recent Zotero version (3.0.3), a branch XPI (which is currently virtually equivalent to the 3.0.3 version), or Frank's multilingual, which is labeled "experimental" - which presumably means pre-beta.
  • Hi adamsmith -- sorry I was a bit confused. But could you please take a look at what it says on the Downloads page (http://www.zotero.org/download/)? It inaccurately says the latest released version is 2.1.10. I selected the beta page when I did my uninstall/reinstall, so now I'm actually using the released version 3.0.3. I also upgraded my standalone zotero.

    In any case, I'm still not seeing the buttons that mronkko referred to.
  • yeah, that should be fixed. How did you get to that page, though? It's not linked to anymore afaik. The download button from zotero.org currently links here:
  • There's a strip menu at the very top of the home page, with a 'Downloads' link. When I click, it takes me to the inaccurate /downloads page. Even using the strip menu at the top of this Forum page, I get the same result.
  • Thanks - I'll expect Dan or Faolan will fix this asap
  • The Item History plugin was broken in FF10 (and maybe other recent versions) due to some bad version detection code. It's been fixed, and should now install and run okay.
  • Joy! the buttons have arrived. Thank you for your help!!!

  • I'll expect Dan or Faolan will fix this asap
    Faolan will have to fix the link, but I replaced that page with a link to the 3.0 page for now. A proper new download page is coming soon.
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