year-delimiter with collapse=year?

Hi everyone,

Is there anything like a "year-delimiter" analogous to the "year-suffix-delimiter"? If not, it would be a nice feature for the processor. Here's what I'm trying to get:

(Colby et al., 2008a, 2008b, 2010)

I can get the year-suffix-delimiter working using the explicit method described here, but I am still left with whatever I'm using for my broader layout delimiter between the group of 2008s and the 2010:

(Colby et al., 2008a, 2008b; 2010)

It's probably clearer if I add another author to the example. I'd like to get a citation that looks like this:

(Colby et al., 2008a, 2008b, 2010; Smith et al., 2008)

I'm working off the style guide for Neuroimage.

Thanks! -John
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    I think what you want is after-collapse-delimiter, available in Zotero 2.1, which supports CSL 1.0. From the CSL upgrade notes by Rintze Zelle:
  • Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the response. Sorry I'm slow getting back. Here is the example in the after-collapse-delimiter:

    (Smith 1999a, b, 2000; Jones 2001, Brown 2007)

    This is close to what I want, but I want the regular delimiter to stay as semicolon, and only have commas between collapsed suffixes and years. So like this:

    (Smith 1999a, b, 2000; Jones 2001; Brown 2007)

    Any ideas?
  • I can't see how you'd get this, no - either you get a semicolon between 'b' and '2000' or you get the comma between 'Jones 2001' and 'Brown 2007'.

    Someone would have to find out about the conventions for this to see if csl needs to be able to account for all possible variants, or whether all styles use the same delimiter between year suffixes ('a', 'b') and collapsed years (i.e. '1999' '2000' for the same author).
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