Difference importing between Standalone and Beta 2.1 is dramatic

My Zotero (2.1b6) running on Firefox 4 no longer will import many citations. Although it recognizes them, when selecting something from Google Scholar, for example, it says there is an issue and nothing is imported. However, closing down Firefox and opening Standalone Zotero and then using Chrome, I can import the very same citation. I must now use Standalone rather than Firefox for nearly all importing I am doing on this (OS X 10.6) machine, and another at home.

Any thoughts on what may be happening?

Thanks in advance.
  • In this order:

    1. upgrade to the newest version of Zotero beta
    2. www.zotero.org/support/troubleshooting_translator_issues
    3. www.zotero.org/support/reporting_bugs (esp. sample URL, error report ID)

    if anything, import to the 2.1b version should (and does in a working install) work better.
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