Duplicate detection

Is there any easier-than-manual way to find or merge likely duplicates in the library?
  • not at the moment, but it's being worked on and will be soon-ish. There is a somewhat working version implemented in Frank Bennetts experimental multilingual Zotero fork.
  • I am working with Zotero 2.1.1 and I donot see the language tab under the preferences, I cannot redo the tutorial "duplicates detection" released March 1st about managing and merging duplicates. Is there something I am missing?
  • yes - this is in the multilingual Zotero, which is still in the test phase -
    if you're interested in testing (!) find it here
    otherwise you'll need to be patient for a little longer until this becomes folded into the regular Zotero version.
  • There's already a thread for this:


    Closing this one.
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