prefix or suffix in bold?

Is it possible to make suffixes and prefixes bold?

Example New Phytologist style:

<text macro="author" suffix="." font-weight="bold"/>
Makes the author bold but the period (suffix) should also be bold. Is this possible?
  • The easiest way to do this is probably to wrap the text element in a group element, and set the font-weight to bold for the group, e.g.:

    <group font-weight="bold">
    <text macro="author" suffix="." />
  • Thanks but it don't seem to work. I've also tried to make to separate groups for author and year

    Here's the style
  • The style validates, and everything seems to be in order, apart from one small point. You're using font-weight="bold" on the name node, as well as on the group wrapper. Try removing it from the name node; the processor might (might -- I haven't checked recently, and I don't remember the exact behavior) flip back into non-bold typeface for the author name when it hit a boldface request inside another boldface request. (That's assuming Zotero 2.1.)
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