I just wanted to thank you for an amazing research too. It's saved me hours of work and I've only used it for a week. More here:

I'm spreading the word.


Erik Ringmar
  • When I first sat down with Zotero, I hacked in some experimental, not-for-daily-use changes to the database schema. You know what happened next; my temporary experiment collected data, then more data, and when 1.5-beta came along, the blemishes I had put on my system blocked database sync; and my leap forward well and properly backfired. My bad, my problem.

    Yesterday evening, I finished the first draft of that new CSL processor that I hope will be my contribution to the cause, so this morning I sat down to begin untangling my database mess. As a first step, I layered Zotero 2.0b6.5 over my ratty database and applied my ratty patches to the sources. I clicked the Full Sync button just for the heck of it -- and to my utter amazement, it just worked. No idea what's behind it, but this is a huge bonus at this end.

    So now I'm coming to terms with seamless access to groups, and the ability to immediately get stuck into preparation for next term's teaching. Many thanks for your excellent work!
  • Congratulations on completing the first draft - I look forward to the new processor, from what I've read about the cases it will be able to handle it sounds like an impressive piece of work.

    P.S. Thanks to all the Zotero team and contributers for this excellent software, as an undergraduate student it has made managing my course reading simple where before it was a headache, and it shaves 1/2 an hour off each essay I write (at 3am with a lecture/lab at 9 that 1/2 hour is very much appreciated).
  • Thanks Zotero team, I really appreciate your work and your continued effort to improve your software. The reference managing capabilities of Zotero are amazing and together with a few add-ons it spares me hours of tedious reference work!

    Zotero does exactly what I need it to do and it does it great! Thanks!
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