Formatting Spacing in Bibliography

I have seen this posted elsewhere with regards to APA citations, but it also applies to other styles like Chicago.

Bibliography entries need to be single spaced, but double spaced in between the entries. In the other forum on APA, a solution was posted for changing the CSL code. For those of us that are not developers and have no clue what the CSL code is (or don't feel comfortable changing it), is this something that Zotero can address in updates?

  • Yes please get rid of that blank paragraph / carriage return nonsens. Styles is what we use if we want more spacing between paragraphs.

    Speaking of Styles, it would be nice if the bibliography got its own. right now it has the "standard" style which is not good enough.
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    I believe this issue is resolved in 2.1. At least in OpenOffice, the bibliography entries get their own styles.
  • "Bibliography entries need to be single spaced, but double spaced in between the entries."

    That's not true. APA wants everything double spaced.
    "All text should be double-spaced just like the rest of your essay." from
    (and I checked on the APA site to verify). So no, I'm not going to adjust the official style.

    If you want a style that does something different, you'll have to make those changes yourself - and I refuse to accept the notion that an academic who can write a research paper would be unable to change two numbers in a text file. We provide instructions for the general procedure of making small changes in a file
    that are designed to be followed by people completely ignorant about "coding", "developing," "csl" etc.

    I also don't understand jarreboum's comment - there are no empty carriage returns in a Zotero created APA bibliography - he's right about the need for a separate style for bibliographies and what bdarcus says is correct and applies to Word as well.
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