Embedding citation in Word without brackets

  • In my wanderings through various links, and links in links, I found this:

    This discussion was over my head in the detail, but I think I followed it in general, and the comment I linked to above seems to suggest that the problem was solved and a solution implemented. What happened? Have I misunderstood something or did it not work and the thread wasn't updated?
  • I hesitate to reopen this, but it is clearly a major issue and some progress seems to have been made but stalled. It would be helpful if someone with better knowledge could summarise the state of play.

    From what I can tell, a decision was made to offer an Author only option. However, this confuses me, because it seems a very difficult and problematic route to go down, when the suggestion here https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/20374/field-level-prefix-and-suffix/?Focus=121696#Comment_121696 offers an elegant and potentially easy to implement solution. Can anyone explain why the Author only solution was chosen over the Author-as-text and Date-as-field solution?
  • Formal support of “author (year)” style citations will be part of CSL 1.1. There is no need for further discussion of it
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