Exporting a Refer/BibIx file

I've started using Zotero, and I found several articles on JSTOR. I also use EndNote 9, so I wanted to export my research into a Refer file in order to import it to Endnote. When I exported, the Refer text file looked like this:

%0 Journal Article
%T The Impact of the Internet on Economic Education
%V 29
%N 2
%P 99-110
%U http://links....(etc,etc)
%A Agarwal, Rajshree
%A Day, A. Edward
%D Spring, 1998

Unfortunately, that's missing a field. There should be a %J field for journal title.

I tried using the RIS export option, and that gave me everything but the year.

I guess the lack of a journal title is a bug? Once you get that fixed, Zotero should export well into Endnote 9...
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