Reference repeating evey time I put a citation about it

I have several problems
I am using IEEE style. I download zotero two week ago and using the latest version of Mozilla firefox. The first time I cite this particular reference was using multiple source citation which appears as [10][11], instead of [10,11]. Then later in the document I inserted a citation to the same book which must appear [10] but instead appear as [17] and in the reference list appear a reference listed with [17] which is exactly the same as [10]. How I correct that?
  • 1. [10,11] is incorrect in IEEE style - you should have gotten [10], [11] - which Zotero does reliably for me.

    2. The most likely explanation is that you have two copies of the same item in your library - so even though to you they look the same, for Zotero they're two different articles.
  • Thanks I did have multiple references to the same paper but for all my entries in my library. I did not know how that happens. I clean it up and after updating the paper it work and you are right related to multiple source this is correct [10],[11]. But with contiguous references Zotero is doing [6-8] instead of [6]-[8].
    Thanks very much the best of Zotero are you people and your quick answers.
  • yeah, I remember the [6-8] being a problem without a current solution, sorry.
  • What I am going to do for now, it is write down my paper and when it is ready and I do not need to do any more updates to the reference or citation I am going to add manually the missing brackets. It can be done without affecting anything. the good thing it is just in two places :D
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