Word Plugin isn't working using 2.1b7

I'm running 2.1b7 and currently the Word Plugin isn't working.

This is the error message I get when I try to add in a citation:

"Zotero 2.1b7 requires Zotero WinWord Integration 3.1a0 or later. Please download the latest version of Zotero WinWord Integration from zotero.org."

I've checked and I believe I've downloaded the most recent version of the plugin. It's currently listed as 3.0a5.r7236

Can someone help me figure out why it's not working? I'm trying to troubleshoot a citation issue for a student working on her dissertation, so I'd like to be able to make this work (much less for my own citation formatting needs!)
  • you're using the wrong plugin. Install the one here:
    (you seem to be using a trunk version of the plugin for 2.0.9).

    Generally, though, a student (or rather - anyone) who isn't willing or able to come here herself for troubleshooting is, in my opinion, ill advised to use beta software for important work in the first place.
  • It's working now, thanks!

    Just for clarification - I highly doubt the student is using the alpha version. *I'm* using the alpha version so I can use standalone. And generally I'm the first person people come to on campus for Zotero help, which is why I'm helping her figure out how to make her dissertation in-text citations with all their long unwieldy titles look nicer...
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