cleaner html-snapshots with the stylesheet for printing


I work a lot with html-fulltext from journals (e.g. via scienceDirect, ovid, ...). While html-Snapshots have the advantage to be smaller than pdf and can be annotated directly in zotero it is often annoying that the html-fulltext is mostly embedded in sites full of stuff you don't need and dont't want to save.

Usually the sites have no printer-friendly version anymore but provide an special css which is used while printing.

It would be great to use this version to save to zotero.

Do you see any possibility to implement this feature? It should work like this: if there's a special css for printing, than you should be able to choose: a) full snapshot b) snapshot with print-css.

Is there maybe any workaround?

  • edited February 17, 2011
    I found a workaround: with the firefox plugin web-developer-tools you can choose the css for specific medias the website offer. So far I got the impression that the view is not always the same like the print-preview. But I will try further.
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