Rtf scan doesn't work correctly in zotero 2.1 b6

I've tested the new zotero 2.1 b6 on mac. I use firefox 3.6.13 plugin, snow leopard, and Scrivener. There are some problems with rtf scan (I didn't want to use EndNote just for this feature):
1. One with disambiguation: if I have two articles with the same author, same year, but different title, rtf scan read only the first, and the second remains between {} signs.
2. If I use the model {Author, "Title", year, pages}, rtf scan doesn't read it at all. NOTE: A propos, I want to use different sign for quotations. In Romanian it is used this kind of quotations mark, „”: e.g. „Article Title”. Will they be available? I'd like automating disambiguation because if I use 100 footnotes, I don't know at the scanning moment witch title I must choose from five or six possibilities!

Thank you,
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    There are problems with rtf scan also in beta 7. Rtf scan doesn't scan at all the form with title, e.g. {Author, "Title," year}. It seems like the citation doesn't exist...

    (I'm working on Mac, Snow Leopard)
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