CSL 1.0 numbered styles - right justification and linefeeds inserted in bibliographies

I'm between papers and took the opportunity to upgrade to Zotero 2.1b. Something I noticed when I did a test upgrade several months ago (prompting me to rollback to 2.0) is still a pretty serious issue.

The numbered styles I've tested do not parse correctly in bibliographies. Specifically,...
1) the citation number is on its own line and right justified
2) the rest of the citation is on one or two new lines and left justified

So right justification and extra line feeds are being added to these styles for some reason.

I tested Nature, IEEE, and Advances in Complex Systems (a style I did based on IEEE).

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    I just tested this (OpenOffice 3.2, Zotero 2.1b, Ubuntu 10.10) with Nature and do NOT see the same behavior. Looks fine to me.

  • I wonder if this might have to do something with some word settings - how do things look when you use "create bibliography from within Zotero?
  • This is what I did. I did NOT use the OO or Word plugin for this. I simply did a create bibliography on the clipboard and pasted it into OO.

    I just tested again in a couple of different ways.

    Using drag and drop has the same problem, but saving the bibliography as RTF and then importing it into OO looks OK.

    So it seems to be how the bibliography parsing interacts with the clipboard.
  • This has to do with word processors not being very good at reading HTML. I'll see if we can do something about this.
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