Uppercase NAMES but lowercase and

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I am trying to set up the reference style of Journalism Studies and Journalism Practice (http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/journal.asp?issn=1461-670X&linktype=44). They want you to use uppercase names and lowercase and in the bibliography - I can't get this to work, it return everything with uppercase ... ?

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  • this is only possible in csl 1.0, included in Zotero 2.1b
  • Ah, I see - good to know, thanks. Let's hope, 2.1 leaves beta soon! ;-)
  • Dear DNH,

    How to return everything with uppercase, including the uppercase "and"?

  • This thread pre-dates the release of Zotero 2.1 and the behavior changed from Zotero 2.0 to 2.1 - this thread isn't relevant anymore. Please stick to one thread per issue.
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