Zotero hates macrons

There's an old thread on this, but it seems that Zotero SA and Mac FF version still don't like macrons (at least ā in my case) and will halt import if it hits one. I got mine in through an RIS file in WinXP FF.
  • Can you post this to the old thread? Particularly for a forgotten issue like this, it's good to keep discussion in one place. Also, please post to that thread a single item listing in RIS that triggers the issue.
  • Have several hundred items with indological diacritica in my Zotero (plenty of macrons, dashes and dots below and above) in both main entries and sub-level attachments (mainly pdfs). Have no issues with them, Zotero seems to import and handle it all beautifully. Have tried the SA version (with Safari's connector) and otherwise use FF 4 beta / 2.1b6 / OS 10.6.6. In either case importing entries via the translator (e.g. googlebooks) seems to work. Could you post a link that doesn't for you?
  • I'm not repeating this well, so I'll play around a bit and see what I can do. The standalone isn't importing well, but i'll report that over there in that thread.
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