PDF indexing in windows x64?

any solution for the missing pdftotext-win64.exe & pdfinfo-win64.exe ??

  • thanks,

    i'm not sure this specific pdf-info.exe you found is something zotero knows how to work with.
    did you tried to use it?
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    All official builds of Firefox for Windows are 32-bit. They run perfectly fine on Windows 7 x64, and you can install pdftotext and pdfinfo from the Zotero preferences as usual. I highly recommend that you run the official 32-bit build. It will make things much easier, and a 64-bit build won't provide an appreciable speed increase.

    There are 64-bit builds of Firefox for Windows out there, but Mozilla has no plans to release an official Windows 64-bit build at any point in the near future. However, if you absolutely must use one of these, you can probably just copy/rename the 32-bit pdfinfo and pdftotext in your Zotero data directory and they should work. You can also compile from the source. WinWord integration will not work unless you compile it yourself.
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    thanks simon,

    as far as i know firefox 4 will come out on x64.
    Firefox beta has a x64 version on mozila FTP for a while now:

    personally, i hardly understand what 'compile' even means :)
    all i can do is hope for the best.
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    There will not be an official Win x64 build of Firefox 4. The build you link to is a nightly build, which is a snapshot of last night's trunk intended for testing purposes and not recommended for regular users. (It's also branded as Minefield and not Firefox so as not to give the appearance of an official release.) In the release directory for Firefox 4.0b11, an official beta release packaged a few days ago, there is no Win x64 build.

    If you do not know what "compile" means, you are probably better off sticking with the official 32-bit Firefox 4 beta releases. The nightly builds are primarily intended for developers.
  • thanks anyway simon....
    if anybody out here have a different idea, please let me know! (don't tell simon)
  • you can probably just copy/rename the 32-bit pdfinfo and pdftotext in your Zotero data directory and they should work.
    Have you even tried this?
  • I am using Waterfox which is 64 bit (and faster than the 32 bit Firefox), and the trick of renaming the files to Win64 instead of Win32 worked just fine for me, although I probably would get even better performance if they were compiled for 64 bit also. (Although that is partly speculative)
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