Malformed title from multi-line crossref entry


notice the record has a title that spans several lines. when I import this, i get the <title> tags and the <sub> tags in the title field in zotero.

If I come up with any other dois that do this, i'll post them here.

I'm using the standalone.
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    I ran the import through the debugger:

    BTW clicking "view output" in the debug prefs does nothing on the standalone.
  • We should strip out the title tag, but the sub tags will be handled correctly in citations starting in Zotero 2.1, so I'd rather not strip them out.
  • Will the sub tags be converted to "rich text" subscripts when viewed within zotero?

    another problem article is doi:10.1021/la1048166

    It appears that the titles contain newlines when an html etity is inserted in the crossref output. So the above doi has multiple lines because the italics tag is inserted. I don't know if this is just langmuir or all of acs.

    Then I guess zotero is failing to properly parse this multi-line xml node through e4x? Thats what it seemed poking through the crossref translator.

    also the acs translator appears to broken and I didn't see that reported.
    report ID 1740728947
  • The subscripts and italics will not yet be displayed nicely in Zotero's UI, unfortunately. Still, they're important for citation, and they will cite correctly.
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    also the acs translator appears to broken and I didn't see that reported.
    report ID 1740728947
    please open separate thread with sample URL for that
  • ajlyon- for the original doi I cited, I do the magic wand import and strip the <title> </title> manually from within the zotero UI. Then I try and export the entry that still has all the <sub> </sub> tags to bibtex, and it does not properly parse those tags, and literally outputs them with \textless and \textgreater.

    again this is from 2.1a2 (the standalone)
  • If the HTML-like tags are the official way forward for rich text, the BibTeX and other translators will need to be changed accordingly. That has not happened yet.
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