compiler error in word plugin for word 2007

I'm using zotero 1.01, word plugin 1.0b1, and word 2007.

Insert a citation, using fields, not bookmarks. Then click the zotero set doc prefs, and choose bookmarks. This causes a compiler error (I assume a VBA error).

Thanks for your attention to this!
- Peter
  • I get the same error message in Word 2003, when Zotero is set to insert citations using Bookmarks. Setting it back to Fields works, though.
  • I'm also getting that message when I attempt to insert citations in Word 2003 using bookmarks.
  • I can confirm this too with Zotero 1.0.2 and the latest stable version of the plugin. When inserting citations in word 2003 (windows 2k) using bookmarks I am getting the same compiler error. Using fields works fine, but then I can transfer the document to openoffice.
  • same problem with word 97 with the message : "compilation error in the protected module"
  • Can someone from the zotero developers comment on this problem? Can you reproduce it?

    It is a showstopper for me because I have to exchange document with Word users, while I have only OOo installed.
  • "compile error in hidden module:zotero" when pressing any bottom from zotero toolbar.

    Using XP (portuguese), word 97 (english) but it doesn't happen in openoffice 2.3 in the same computer.
  • I am having this problem with Zotero v1.03, word plugin 1.0b3, Office 2007 & Win XP. Fine with fields, freaks out with bookmarks.
  • Me, too. Just installed the current version of Zotero for FF and the Word add-in.

    WinXP Home SP2, Word XP 2002

    Would be real nice to get it fixed.
  • Hi all, me too - tried on XP w/ Word 2000.. For reference, found also these topics:
    Zotero Forums - word plugin stating "compiler error" when setting up Chicago style with bookmarks
    Zotero Forums - Word plugin status update

    Well, just wanted to say, that I tried to look at the code a bit, and changing the line

    Function fnSetFullBookmarkName(sName) As String
    Function fnSetFullBookmarkName(ByVal sName As String) As String

    will allow you to insert citations (as fields) and insert bibliography (as fields), and then when you run Zotero Set Doc Prefs, you can change "Format using" into bookmarks, and it will not crash - the citations and bibliography will be converted as static text, and each of them will become a bookmark; the citations one bookmark each and plus the entire bibliography as one bookmark...

    I kind of hoped that the indexes of bibliography entries (like [1] in IEEE) would become bookmarks, and the citations would be "REF bookmark \h" fields, which would turn them into clickable links :)
  • PS - forgot to say that even after you succesfully convert fields to bookmarks, if you try to insert a "bookmark" citation afterwards, the script will still crash ...
  • Is there any development on this issue? The ticket is marked critical for the 1.0.6 release, but is still open.
  • Is there any development on this issue?
    The plugins are in the process of being completely rewritten, and this will likely be fixed at the same time.
  • This ticket ( is marked as fixed in v1.0.8, but I get the error msg in the version of the Zotero plugin that I just now downloaded (I'm using Word 2003). So either 1.0.8 isn't shipping yet (it's waiting for a new API?), or the plugin version that you download from the Z site is not up-to-date.

    Also, how do I know what version of the Z plugin I have? I don't see anything on any of the dialog boxes etc.
  • In Firefox, select "Addons" in the Tools menu. This will show you the version of Zotero. The newest stable Zotero release is 1.0.7, while the Word plugin is currently at version 1.0b3. From what I've heard 1.0.8 is close to being released, as are the updated word processor plugins.
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