Error processing uploaded data

Report ID 1383968978

It isn't an emergency, but I have never seen this message before and don't know how to proceed. It accompanies a red exclamation mark and a failure to sync. It is persistent. I saw some of the other posts, and I'm sorry if I filed this one in the wrong category.

Thank you
  • That error report is empty. What's the report id after "Error processing uploaded data"?
  • No sarcasm intended: is it the one at the top of my post? I did see that it was empty, and it confused me.
  • try manually syncing, wait until you get the error and then see if you can send an error report again - if you're not seeing anything, though, neither are the devs.
  • MG6: No, it's not.
  • Oh... I see. Report ID: 6d4a1c7d

    I have to go somewhere--thank you for your assistance. I'll be back later, so again, no rush.
  • I thought I would try it again, after restarting Firefox. It continues to fail. I have submitted an error report via the tools menu, and that ID is 1187421260; this one isn't empty. The red icon gives ID 64766063. Thank you
  • Can you trigger this again? I've put in some additional debugging info on the server.
  • Yes sir:
    Error processing uploaded data (Report ID: 8f20e626)
    Zotero Error Report ID: 383146387
  • OK, give it another shot.
  • Alas, no luck:

    Error processing uploaded data (Report ID: fc45bdb0)
    Zotero Error Report ID: 2095986221

    Thank you and goodnight (for me, at least)...
  • OK, thanks. We're still looking into it.
  • This should now be fixed.
  • Yes, indeed. Thanks!
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