footnotes broken in word plugin for word 2007

I'm using zotero 1.01, word plugin 1.0b1, and word 2007.

I add a citation, after having selected IEEE style, footnotes and fields. The citation appears in the text as expected, and in the bibliography, but no footnote appears. Changing the style doesn't fix this.

Also, if I then click the zotero set doc prefs, the choice between footnotes and endnotes is greyed out, I can't it. Not sure if this is a bug...

Thanks for your attention to this!
- Peter
  • This isn't a bug. The reason that the choice is not available is that IEEE style does not use footnotes for references; instead, it uses in-text references. If you pick a style that uses footnotes (e.g., Chicago Note with Bibliography), you should see footnotes in your document and the choice between footnotes and endnotes should be available to you.
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