How can we be helpful?

I've just started using the standalone. It shows a lot of promise, but isn't up to the task just yet of being my primary research tool. That makes sense—it's still an alpha, after all—but it would be helpful for commenters to have some idea of what kind of comments are constructive. Are there areas of the program you'd like us to focus on? Usability issues you'd like us to address?
  • I'm not a developer, but from various conversations here I think I can still give you some sense of what's useful:

    1. Search the forum before posting - a lot of stuff has come up already, there is no need to repeat things.

    2. Bug reports
    are always useful. If you find behavior that's clearly wrong - crashes, buttons that do not function, sites that don't translate etc. that's always useful (but see 1.). A large share of bug reports require multiple rounds of asking for details and clarification - any effort you make to provide all (or at least most) relevant detail in your initial post are appreciated. Generally, see here:
    Be really specific, including precise steps, sample URLs where relevant, your browser, operating system etc.

    3. Feature Requests:
    a) Anything that's currently not included as a feature in the "regular" Zotero is of little value as a feature request for standalone. Feel free to add things as general feature requests, but be aware that there are a lot of those. Also, do an extra amount of research on feature requests to understand what has already been covered. There aren't many things that have not at least been discussed here.
    b) If something is working in the regular Zotero, but not in the standalone, that's probably not intended and useful information (there are currently a number of those that devs are already aware of, so also see 1).
  • I'm still trying to pin down whether there are in fact sites that save in Firefox but not in standalone-- example URLs would be very useful for that.
  • wrt the last point about URLs, one problem I am having is that sometimes it appears that a given page isn't showing up in the connector (no icon), but if I restart Chromium it appears - it's making it a bit tricky to pin down without constantly restarting.
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