How to arrange citations in chronological order

I inserted the code <sort><key variable="issued"/></sort> before the <layout> tag in the bibliography and saved with a new name and installed successfully.
When I 'set doc prefs' to the new style it doesnt change. and when I click 'edit citation' it doesnt change too.

I am in hurry to change all my citations to chronological order. please help me out. what to do.

Awaiting replies...
  • hard to say exactly - have you tried closing and re-opening the document? Changing styles back and forth? Are you sure the style is valid otherwise?
  • no it doesnt work either. but I found a trick to do that - may be simple and not much effective but it works.

    Add 'year' to be displayed in the list of references in the library
    Clicking the 'year' tab on the column updates the list in the order of year.
    When selecting multiple citations to insert, then we can select citations to be inserted in chronological order easily.
    Then insert - gives the citations in chronological order.
    Note: if we dont add selected citations to the multiple selection window in chronological order, it will not insert in chronological order.

    Hope it works.
  • is there a better way? I added citations without paying attention to this and now I need them in chronological order - is there a way to do this without editing them all individually?
  • odoyle - did you follow step 1 - i.e. do you have a style that sorts chronologically in citations? If so I don't think actually editing them individually should be necessary.
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    oops - that may be my problem. I've tried several styles, but none of them (including ones that I think should, like MLA, turabian etc) are working. Unfortunately the style preview hover is really nice, but doesn't specify the citation style. I saw some instructions for editing styles, but seems like what I'm after is basic enough that I should be able to find a style that works?

    EDIT: adding the sort variable mentioned above to the Chicago style worked!
  • most styles actually prefer alphabetical ordering. If you find anything in a style guide that indicates an existing Zotero style is wrong I'm happy to fix it - it's certainly possible, often this isn't clearly specified.
    There is no quick way to find that information in the preview, no, you actually have to look at the style code.
  • Hi! I have the same problem... I have to use APA style, but that style doesn't arrange citations in chronological order. Is there any way to change this without insert all the citations again in chronological order myself? (I already tried it and worked, but I was trying to avoid all the unnecessary work cause I already have 200 articles and more citations than that...)
  • APA style, as per the APA style manual, sorts alphabetically by authors, then by date. Are you saying you need an APA version that's customized to differ from APA in how it sorts in text citations? You're sure that's a requirement? -- certainly possible, but it's a bit of a hassle for you to customize a style just for that.
  • Hi @adamsmith , I am experiencing the same problem. It is a requirement by my university that I use APA format and that the intext citation should be arranged from the recent to the oldest. However, APA arranges the intext citations alphabetically. is there a way I can edit it to achieve the recent to oldest order
  • could you say exactly what your university is requiring, ideally linking to it?
    To be 100% clear "APA style with citations arranged chronologically" just is incorrect APA style, so it's a weird requirement, which is why I'd suspect there's a bunch of other differences to APA in the required style.
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    I have the same requirement from my uni / the journal I'm publishing in. APA with a twist of chronologically arranged in-text citations...

    I tried removing <key macro="author-bib" names-min="3" names-use-first="1"/>
    as suggested in another post, didn't work I'm afraid. Anyone else has the golden idea?
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    Same question as above -- what journal is this for?
    (use <code></code> tags for adding small snippets of code here).
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