Add by identifier (DOI) fails for SpringerLink

Hi all,

Add by DOI seems to fail for the following:

10.1023/A:1006342602452 (SpringerLink)

giving a "could not find a record" error, even though both CrossRef and correctly re-direct.

The translator also fails to grab the page, but I guess that's a known issue of the page, or does the above error really relate to the page scraping?

Cheers, Mark
  • See my response at -- this is due to incomplete data in the CrossRef database. Happens pretty often.
  • I had similar problems until I tried registering (free) and logging in with a username and password. My university has subscriptions to the SpringerLink journals but everything seems to work better if I log-in individually and not depend upon being recognized through my institution. I've not had any problems with SpringerLink after I began logging in. (Even with my personal log-in, the SpringerLink site still recognizes my university access rights.)
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