Error ID: 2061915437 (not able to sync now for a few weeks)

I've had numerous problems with syncing over the last few weeks, but this latest error has become persistent. I've tried all the things Zotero suggests, restarting Firefox and my computer, but I keep getting the red exclamation point and the notice that there is a problem with syncing.

I've been trying to assist a few classes here that are using Zotero groups for assignments, but when I'm unable to sync to see the latest items uploaded, I can't help the students.
  • I see from other responses to slow sync time that you are requesting a Debug ID. Here is the one that Zotero generated for my problem: D629808622
  • This has nothing to do with slow syncing, but the error you were getting should now be fixed.
  • I just tried syncing again and am getting the same error. Here is the Error ID number: 783687792
  • That's not the same error—it's just an intermittent one. Try again.
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