Zotero in Dual Pane mode

Just found out that with the new Zotero-as-Tab-function in 2.1b5 I can have Zotero in genuine dual pane version – by simply adding the minimized (Cmd-Shft-Z) Zotpane to the lower part of my Zotero-Tab!

This is neat – and resolves some of the issues around handling loose files as described in the thread here.

Have set my opening page in FF to "chrome://zotero/content/tab.xul" to give me the Zotero tab with a simple click on the respective toolbar button.
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    With 2.1b7 the dual pane function as described above no longer works.
    Setting the url to "chrome://zotero/content/tab.xul" no longer opens Zotero as tab (to which I could neatly add Zotero's pane) but simply provokes the FF window to disappear.
    The same happens if I start with opening Zotero in reduced pane-mode and try to add a Z-tab (via the home page of FF being set to "chrome://zotero/content/tab.xul").

    Zotero in dual pane may have never been intended – but it is rather neat and useful for handling of notes and loose entries. Is there any way this could be made possible again? Thanks, kithairon.
    FF 4.b11 on OS 10.6.6
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