citing in text program by adding placeholders

I recently switched from Endnote. To cite while you write in Endnote, you can add your ref in your word document by using special characters between which you put some text which defines your ref.
you can use {} , and to define a ref, you could say {smith, 2000}.
Endnote then searches for possible refs you might mean and offers those (it actually can do this online, or only at request by clicking some button - the latter, I find, would suffice).
The advantage is that you can write your text and just add the {}, because most of the time you know which ref you want to add here, but it is an interruption of the workflow to always choose the ref from the list in zotero. With the {} option, you could do all the inserting when done writing, and it would save you from searching through the whole library for each ref (as matching entries would be selected for you).

  • Things like that have been requested before - I think the way to go would be to improve RTF scan and have that actually create Zotero citations
  • Thanks for your reply.
    I think an rtf scan is second best. In Endnote, you can convert inbetween (for example, before you pass on the doc to a co-author), and then you have fields. The co-author uses the "track changes" in Word, so you want to work with his copy. If you had an rtf scan and just receive finished citations, you are very unflexible afterwards. Also, with fields within the word processor, you can add things before and after the actual citation, and you can check and change it easily.
    What would be nice is a scan that scans the word doc and enters fields, not an rtf (unless field functionality exists also in rtf documents, which I don't know) - maybe that's what you meant by "Zotero citations", if so then I just said the same thing again..
  • @theed, That's what adamsmith means. Currently, rtfscan inserts plain text into the document, but to have it "actually create Zotero citations" is, I think, what you are describing.
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