Is the "Note" tab content included in syncing process?

Sometimes we including some notes into the "Note" tab (between Info and tag tab). Before server update last weekend those notes where synced and changes where visible for all group members. But since this week we have the phenomenon that deleted notes will not deleted on the server (only locally). All other group members still see the deleted notes even syncing is completed on all computers.
  • I can't reproduce this. Can you provide an example? (You can send item details to with a link to this thread if you'd prefer not to post them publicly.)
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    when we order the pdf version of a document the person who does the order makes a note like "ordered on 27th Jan. by xy". Later when the pdf is delivered by the library, the person who made the order has to safe the pdf on our server and has to include a link to the pdf into zotero. after that the note "ordered on 27th Jan. by xy" has to be deleted. We do this by right mouse click on "delete from library".
    As I already mentioned ths worked fine until last weekend. But since last weekend no type of deletions will be synced at all:

    I delete from library some notes and sync successful .... but nobody else but me can see this deletion (on all other user accounts the deleted note is still visible!).

    I delete a reference because may be it is twice in the library (delete by right mouse click and delete from library). syncing successful .... but nobody else but me can see this deletion (on all other user accounts the deleted specific reference is still visible even they have synced successfully, too!).
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    OK, I think I've been able to reproduce this. It looks like the deletions are in fact being made on the server, but other clients (at least in some cases) aren't seeing the changes. Is that correct?
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    Titel: Inhibition of morphine metabolism by ketamine
    author: Qi
    library: Wirkstoffe

    There was a note made on 20th Jan. 2011 "bestellt am 20.01.11". I have deleted the note (not the reference) from library on 27th (yesterday). but all other group members still see this note.
  • yes, correct.
    The same with some references. I have deleted some ...but they are only away from my account. and so now I have a number of references less than all others.
  • OK, this should now be fixed, and if my calculations are correct the deleted items should disappear from the other clients on the next sync. Let me know if not.
  • Wow! Great job!!!! Except one person, all others who are active right now have synced succesfully and have the same number of entries now like me!
    What was the prob? Was it anything with our database? Or was it a general sync thing?

    Regarding that one person above, user name is dlechner, user ID = 275325. Could you pls check whats happen with her syncing? Last successful sync was 20 hours ago....

    Many thanks from our whole team!!!!!
  • That user still has a queued sync from 15 minutes ago. When it finishes, the problem should be fixed.

    It wasn't anything specific to your database—just an issue that affected some libraries during the move.
  • ... good to hear that its fixed now.

    In a parallel discussion ( I have asked because of the reason of different sizes of zotero.sqlite file.
    Now, after you have fixed the sync prob, the file size is now nearly equal. So you can close this parallel discussion. Thanks!
  • .... the green arrow of user dlechner is still spinning around ....
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