different size of sqlite database file

we are a group of collegues sharing the same zotero library. On all of our computers we have made the same settings for zotero. We do not include any files and disabled automatic tags to keep our database as small as possible. Right now we have about 9500 references safed. For about 7500 references we have included a link to a folder on our server where our pdf documents are stored (as "link to actual website").
Now we are wondering that we have big differences between the size of our database file even we have all synced successfully:
My file "zotero.sqlite" has a size of 62,460 kb and this is nearly the same for 3 other collegues. But there are other 3 collegues who have a size of only 672 kb even they have the same number of references and so on.
What could be the reason for that big difference? Is there some waste somewhere (our waste basket is empty!)? Could this influence syncing speed?
We have additionally the phenomenon that the exact number of references differs by 1-6 numbers (I have 9409, my collegue has 9412 a.s.o.). Any idea why?
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