Authors/creators pane (ideally with ability to add notes, etc)

An automatically generated authors/creators list could be implemented in a number of different ways, but the simplest, it seems to me, would be some sort of "authors pane" on the left-hand side, like the tags pane. Clicking on an author would filter to show only works by (or edited by, etc) that author.

Going a step further, it would be great to be able to add notes about authors (rather than only about specific works), although I'm not sure how this would be implemented... (Perhaps, eventually, authors should be another fundamental data type that can exist at top-level?)

  • The authors pane idea would be great-- an enterprising developer even wrote up a patch to implement it last fall, and I hope we can get it into Zotero at some point in the future.

    The pane could even be made flexible enough to browse by publication, year, etc. In a way, this is a natural continuation of the iTunes paradigm that Zotero advertises; this would be like the browse function.
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