Save or drag&drog an attached note

I'm new to Zotero with the standalone v.2.1.a2 on Windows XP SP3. I have a question about saving by drag and drop or another command a note created in using the Add button in a source item or selecting Child Note from the menu. I cannot D&D or find a method to save this note over to the windows desktop out of Zotero. I can D&D a PDF or JPG file that I've attached via Attach Link to File. The ability to D&D these files out of Zotero onto the desktop as a standalone copy is wonderful. I only wish I could do the same with the attached notes. Is there a way to save an individual note as .txt, .jpg or .html? That would be a wonderful feature. Maybe I've just missed the function or its not available in the standalone version yet? Or is there a future export option to save a single note?
  • Macs and Linux will automatically create a .txt file if you drag a note (or any selected text) - to the desktop.
    I wonder if there is a setting or a tool that will trigger the same behavior in Windows - just throwing that out there in case someone know (and to let you know that you're using the third best OS option ;-))
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