System to prioritise papers for processing


I often find that as I accumulate papers to read, I lose track of those I've read, those I've started to read and those I'm yet to start to read. It would be great if Zotero had a system through which I could prioritise papers for reading/processing (i.e. highlighting important sections, writing notes on the paper and then, if applicable, incorporating information into written work), and alter the priorities as new papers are added.

If I'm the only one, then it's probably not worth it but I hope that I'm not the only one :)

Thanks for reading.
  • You're not the only one-- this has been extensively discussed in the "simple marking for items" thread, where the core devs agreed that something like color-coding should happen. This, however, appears to be a low priority. In the meantime, I think that a mildly enterprising coder could add this functionality to one of the Zotero plugins rather easily, probably by creating special-use tags to mark the statuses, and tying them into a drop-down menu on the items. The only particularly hard part would be coloring them in the interface-- but fbennett has already figured that out for his experimental duplicates flagging system, so said enterprising coder could borrow from fbennett's work.
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