Send Citation To Most Recent Active Folder

If I understand correctly, the only way to control where the reference goes when you add it to zotero with the button in the address bar, is to be in the desired folder in the (often hidden) zotero window.

I use zotero fullscreen on one monitor, and surf on the other. Unfortunately, selecting a folder in the fullscreen instance doesn't affect where citations added in the other firefox window go. I hope this is reasonably trivial to change! :-)
  • Im also vouching for this.
    Could the developers please consider this trivial change?
    Its the only thing thats stopping me from using the full screen zotero
  • I don't think this is trivial at all, unfortunately. If it is, I agree this would certainly be nice to have, but my understanding is that because of the way FF deals with separate windows it's not.
    We have, in the past, also discussed the possibility of having fullscreen only in one tab and that, too, wasn't trivial to do, but would be functionally about equivalent.
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