pasting snapshots of tables from a document into notes

I would like to copy and paste a snapshot of a table in a document into a note. I have the source PDF as part of the file, but would like to have the snapshot of the formatted table to use later. Is this possible? When I try now I get a funny looking icon in the note field.
Thank you.
  • To safely copy and paste, you should first add the snapshot as an attachment to the item. Then view that image attachment, and drag it from the browser window to the note text. Unfortunately, there are still some problems with images in notes right now that were introduced in the last release of Zotero, so you'll have to then edit the inserted image (right click [ctrl-click on Macs] on the broken image icon, select edit from the menu). In the dialog that pops up, delete the contents of the URL field and copy the contents of the Description field to the URL field.

    I really wish someone would fix this bug before the next release of Zotero-- it's a non-trivial regression that breaks images in notes for just about everyone.
  • Thanks, ajlyon. I tried your suggested method by creating a screenshot of the table I wanted to save on my desktop, then opening that image with Firefox. I could drag it to the note body of the Zotero item it was taken from, which created an icon image. When I right clicked on the image and edited, the URL and description fields were empty.

    I also tried using Mac screenshot to capture the image I wanted on the clipboard and then paste it in the note, but that seems to do the same thing.
  • I was wondering why I used to be able to copy and paste images into the notes. I tagged all of them with "diagram" and it made it really easy to search for them. I've been doing what you suggested for now. I feel better knowing that I wasn't just imaging that in the past copy/paste worked, but yes I think many of us are quietly waiting for help with this bug...
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