UNESCO no longer working

attempting to record UNESCO pages. e.g., http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/829
the translator returns the following error:

[JavaScript Error: "TypeError: rdf.Zotero.RDF is undefined" {file: "file:///.../Zotero/translators/Embedded%20RDF.js" line: 0}]
  • That page doesn't have any embedded data for Zotero to work with -- the only RDF metadata is the language tag.

    It would be nice if we suppressed the save icon in the address bar for pages where we know that we can't save correctly, but for now many pages will show that, since many include a minimal amount of RDF metadata, but not enough to create a valid Zotero item.
  • Not a problem. Thanks for the quick response.
    I'm relatively new to Zotero, so getting my head around the citation methods.
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