Cannot add new items to my library

Haven't added references since late November. Now I can't add new references from most sources I have tried, including Amazon for a book and Google Scholar and adding item by ISBN number. "Capture this web page" does work.

Zotero is doing something. I've always used the Zot to Bib plugin, and the items are getting added to my Bibdesk .bib files even though not to my Zotero library.

I was using Zotero 2.09, and I tried updating to Zotero 2.1 beta; still same issue. Firefox 3.6.13 on a Mac running 10.6.5.
  • The most usual solution to the pane not updating is to disable other extensions and to use the default theme.
  • Aha! Another foolish user (me!) problem. I had disabled most of my add-ons, in searching for errors, but not Zot2Bib, and it turned out that the problem was somewhere along the line I messed up one of Zot2Bib's settings, which became obvious to me when turning it off solved the problem.
  • I have been using Zotero for several months and today it suddenly is giving me problems. I am trying to manually add a book section. I clicked on "book section" and then went to the right column. As I try to click on title, author, etc. to type in the data the boxes will not open up. I have deleted the entry multiple times and tried again. Sometimes I can get the title box to open and I can type the title in but not author, publisher, date etc. Sometimes I can type the author, but nothing else. What is going on? I am in a panic. I have this article due in a couple of weeks and I have been relying on Zotero for my notes. Why am I not able to add items manually?
  • Disable any Personas you might have enabled. Then try disabling all other Firefox addons. Usually this is caused by some interaction with Personas or addons.
  • AJlyon: THANK YOU!!!!!!! You have saved my sanity and my paper. You are exactly right that when Firefox posted the opportunity to jazz up my browser with a persona, I took the bait. I have now followed their instructions for uninstalling it and Zotero is now purring like a well-fed cat. Thanks for taking the time to help.
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