two "bugs": scrolling offscreen when tabbing to next field, and click to type

Two bug (barely) related to manually creating new items.

Bug A: When I enter fields, I don't want to be clicking with the mouse. Zotero, which is excellent overall, doesn't work as I'd expect here. To reproduce:

1. Create a new item.
2. click in the "Date" field and type the date.
3. press Tab to go to the next field. Fill in something.
repeat until the cursor goes off the screen.

Note that you can't see what you're typing because the panel didn't scroll to show the focused dialog.

Bug B: I can't find a way to begin typing when a field has focus. To repeat:

1. create a new item.
2. click in the "Abstract" (or any) field
3. press ESC to stop typing

Note that the "Abstract" field space is active,

4. type something.

The highlight on the empty field suggests to me that typing would be allowed here. HOwever, I must find the mouse, reposition the cursor, click (which often doesn't register on the first try), and then I can type.


zotero 2.0.9, not in FUllscreen mode.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-GB; rv: Gecko/20101203 Firefox/3.6.13 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)
  • Bug A: Tabbing down does scroll the box—or should, and does for me on OS X. It doesn't scroll it enough, though, so you have to tab one below a field and tab back up to see what you're typing. It looks like auto-scrolling isn't working at all on Windows.

    Bug B: I don't understand what you mean by this. If you hit Esc, focus returns to the item in the middle pane—in what way is the field still active? Why are you hitting Esc if you want to type?
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    Auto-scrolling isn't working at all for me in Ubuntu 10.10 (Zotero 2.1b2 and Zotero trunk, Firefox 3.6.13). It would be very nice if it did. I'm willing to look into it, if you can let me know where to look.
  • Dan, thanks for teh quick reply.

    Bug A: Yes, you're right that when you start typing, it autoscrolls...but how do you know what field you're typing in? the label is offscreen. It should autoscroll when the field is active and ready to receive text (ie highlit with a blinking cursor) not when you start typing.

    Bug B: yeah, this is a marginal one I agree, but still I've found myself confused and frustrated a couple times, so thought I'd mention it. The steps I gave reliably reproduce the bug. the actual use case is: I'm reviewing the fields of an item, using the mouse, keyboard, and scrollbar in vairous combinations. When I stop moving the mouse and the pointer rests over a field, the field gets the blue background and the blue line around it. I assume that means the field has focus and I can type. Actually, I can't. Nor can I tab, or otherwise start typing without clicking. Often my hands are at the keyboard, so clicking means moving hand back to mouse, often accidentally moving it to the wrong field while clicking, typing ESC, clicking the correct field, and typing. Not a big deal, but annoying enough to mention. One possible fix is to change the hilght so it's not confused with focus. Another is to immediately accept typing in a hilighted field without requiring a mouse click.

    great work you all. I love zotero.
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