ACM Digital Library import broken. Report ID 1528640070

I'm having problems importing from the ACM Digital Library today. Error report filed at 1528640070.

For one page - - I don't even see the "add to Zotero" button. Most pages have the button, though, it just results in a translator error.
  • I have the same problem. It seems is a translater problem.
    My URL is --
    I am using Firefox 3.6.10 with latest Zotero 2.0.9.
    It seems ACM update its website so that Zetero fail to grab the information.
  • any comments or solutions to this? It is getting quite annoying and im not enough of a techie myself to fix it :)
  • This works for me in Zotero 2.1b2. It was fixed back in November-- perhaps it hasn't been shipped to 2.0x users yet?
  • Was using 2.0.x before and it was working through the ACM DL redesign. However, ACM DL stopped working recently on 2.0.x. Just installed 2.1b2 and the ACM DL translator is still broken for me.
  • Please provide an error report for the translator failure (
  • Using latest version of FF (3.6.13), and 2.1b2. As a sanity check, Zotero is working for another site I tested (CiteSeer).

    Mousing over the Zotero address bar icon, it appears that Zotero is defaulting to DOI translator for certain ACM DL entries (the ones that have a DOI listed). For the first entry linked above in the thread, where the Zotero icon does not show up, there is no DOI in that entry.

    The second link in the thread shows an icon but attempting to import to Zotero produces the following error report:
    [JavaScript Error: "[Exception... "Security Manager vetoed action" nsresult: "0x80570027 (NS_ERROR_XPC_SECURITY_MANAGER_VETO)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://zotero/content/xpcom/translation/browser_firefox.js :: anonymous :: line 119" data: no]" {file: "file:///Users/nchen/Library/Application%20Support/Firefox/Profiles/i4ctk7n8.default/zotero/translators/DOI.js" line: 0}]

    I never checked to see what Zotero was using before for the ACM DL (i.e. whether it was using a dedicated ACM translator or the DOI fallback)

    The DOI translator security manager issue appeared in a couple of other threads; I haven't read carefully enough to see if they were connected, but I suspect they might be.
  • DOI is broken in 2.1b2. It will be fixed in 2.1b3, which will be available within the next day or two.

    I've just pushed the updated ACM translator. Your copy of Zotero should auto-update within 24 hours, or you can update manually by clicking Update Now in the General pane of the Zotero prefs.

    (ajlyon: Best to make sure the translatorID stays the same on translator updates, even when people rewrite them.)
  • edited January 10, 2011
    I can confirm that I am able to get the entries from the ACM DL with the ACM translator update Dan pushed. Thanks!
  • (ajlyon: Best to make sure the translatorID stays the same on translator updates, even when people rewrite them.)
    Sorry -- I try to check those in the diffs, but apparently I miss them sometimes, especially when they're obscured by whitespace differences.
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