Customise fields view in right pane

I find entering or editing data in the right pane quite hard. One issue is that I only use a few of the fields. Is it possible to create a function where one can hide/show fields as a default?

This would make the right pane less cluttered and easier to navigate.

Also, could it be possible for users to create their own defaults more broadly, for instance in terms of the reference types, e.g. I use only very few of those available, and Endnote allow you to select which reference types are used.

Thanks :)
  • Can I upvote this question for the latest answer? - I have the same query.
  • Try the stacked view. I use it as my default Zotero view because I must do a lot of editing within fields of the things I import. I find editing easier in stacked view and especially because I can toggle abstract view from full to short.
  • (I'm not sure how stacked view would address this. Stacked view is primarily for giving you more horizontal space in the items list. It gives you less vertical space to view all fields, not more.)
  • @dstillman @wkdurham While that is certainly true about stacked view, it "feels" to me easier and more efficient to edit in stacked view. I substantially edit 250+ imported records every day and find with stacked view that I can more readily and quickly identify records that need or do not need editing. Certainly, this is a personal preference and not necessarily by design. However, I thought it worth mentioning.

    The amount of vertical space to view the fields is dependent upon the number of records I set to view in the upper pane. In fact stacked view is one of the (many) things I love most about Zotero over EndNote and the old Reference Manager.
  • Thanks for this - I didnt know about a stacked view and have tried it out - that could be useful for us. However my question is really related to whether there is any way of simplifying the number of fields within each item type in order to help our less experienced users with inputting metadata.
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