Drag and drop references should default to pdf attachment


I often want to drag and drop pdf files out of Zotero, e.g. to my Kindle. It tends to be a hassle - I either have to (i) expand a whole bunch of reference, control-click to select multiple pdfs, then click and drag; or (ii) export all the references with files, sort through a big directory tree to find the pdfs, then delete lots of extraneous stuff.

It seems like clicking and dragging reference(s) into a folder should default to copying file attachments. This wouldn't crowd out any other functionality since the current behavior when I drag reference to a folder is to do nothing.

Or perhaps there is a more efficient way already?

(I'm using Windows 7)
  • Well, one problem is that items can have multiple attachments.
  • @Dan - that needn't be an obstacle - if you drag the whole item, Zotero could/should copy all attachments. I don't see the downside.

    @novosad - you could use a saved search with attachment item type is pdf - this will still show the parent items, but if you select and drag you'll only get pdfs. How exactly you manage with that depends on your specific use case.
  • @adamsmith - Thanks for the suggestion. But when I click and drag a bunch of items from a saved search, only the first pdf gets copied to a folder.

    @Dan - To me, copying all attachments would be the expected behavior.
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