Insert bibliography in Word from books/articles, not archival items


Is there a way to use the insert bibliography function in Word and having Zotero not put a certain category of reference into the bibliography? I want the bibliography to consist of all books/articles/web pages that have been cited in the text, *except* the archival sources (I use "manuscript" item type for this).

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  • edited December 7, 2010
    no, not at the moment, though it's planned at some point.

    You can use edit bibliography to remove inidividual items from the bibliography, although I agree that's a bit cumbersome.
    edit - sorry, not true - that also deletes the references.
  • Deleting entries from the bibliography doesn't delete the references in 2.1 beta, but you probably don't want to be using 2.1 beta for a large project.
  • oh, I'm very glad you changed that, though.
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