Attachment File Size

Hi, perhaps it is just me but I personally would find it very useful if Zotero could indicate the file size of the attachment when I select on say an attached PDF file. I don't know if this is possible or easy to implement, but it seems to make sense to add 'Size' to the list of information Zotero currently displays for the attached files: Filename, Page, Modified, and Indexed.
  • I could have sworn there used to be a column that would give some indication of this for both whole items and attached files...
  • +1 on that!!!
    I'm just using Zotero in the free version with 100mb of storage and I frequently run out of storage..
    I would very much appreciate a column where I can show the size of entries..
    Especially as some Website snaptshots use much space (and are not really important).

    So Please! Add this feature..
  • I've created an issue for this.
  • Yes, please let us see the size of files so that we can better manage our use of storage.
  • +1

    I would like to purge old attachments that are no longer needed but take gigabytes of space - but do not know how an efficient way to find the relevant ones.
  • Related to the above discussion, I would like to rename large pdf attachments with Zotfile and move them to an external hard disk (i.e. convert a stored copy attachment to a linked attachment) rather than deleting them altogether.

    I am currently able to pinpoint large attachments using Finder on Mac:

    The Zotero item in question can then be located via the file-name of the attachment - if I have previously renamed that file from its parent metadata.

    I am guessing that the names of the folders under the 'Storage' directory refer to a unique key generated for each Zotero record.

    Could there be a way, say to do a bulk search for all records using the list of unique key generated by Finder, something similar to the magic wand function ( whereby we can feed in multiple ISBNs at one go, so that we don't have do the renaming one at a time?

    If feeding in this list: K94N28DG, ATTXCKNB... can give us the relevant search results, then this can be done:

    This is my self-devised way of relocating large attachments.

    I wonder if the above features or something similar can be implemented on the new version of Zotero to ease this task?

    Thank you!
  • +1
    I thought a "file size" column addition would be implemented by now, but I think it is not?
  • came here looking for a quick way to find large files. In the absence of a built in tool, I cobbled together something in shell:

    # usage of all items (by folder)
    du -hcs ~/Zotero/storage/*/ |sort -hr > /tmp/zot_diskusage.txt

    # top usage, assume pdf. file name will have item title
    head /tmp/zot_diskusage.txt | grep -v 'total'|cut -f 2|while read f; do du -h $f/*pdf; done
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